SquirrelGard Can Help Your Curb Appeal

A recent article by Danny Frank in the Houston Chronicle discusses getting your home ready to sell. One of the most common things we find on home inspection reports from customers (and coincidentally also Frank’s first item on the list) is roof issues.

Squirrel damaged lead jacks is often an issue on the reports, and most inspectors will recommend replacing the lead jacks. The only problem with replacing the lead jacks and not replacing the entire roof is you then have different colored shingles on your roof.

Mismatched Shingles from Lead Jack Replacements

This can really hurt your home’s curb appeal.

Thankfully, SquirrelGard can remedy your damaged lead jack flashing issues! By installing SquirrelGard, you can repair your lead plumbing vents without the unsightly look of mismatched shingles!

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Happy Home Selling!

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