Squirrelgard installed over lead jack

The Solution for Damaged Lead Jacks

SquirrelGard® is a protective device for a plumbing vent stack with a lead jack flashing. Easy to install, cost-effective and shingle replacement is not required. You can install SquirrelGard directly over damaged lead jacks for a complete repair.

Squirrelgard® solves the problem

SquirrelGard is a protective device for a plumbing vent stack with a lead jack flashing. The lead jack flashing is a weatherproofing cover formed substantially of a lead material permanently secured over the plumbing vent stack. 

SquirrelGard completely covers the exposed surface of the lead jack flashing to prevent chewing, teeth sharpening/filing, and damage to the waterproofing qualities of the lead jack by squirrels.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee Seal

SquirrelGard is not made of plastic, neoprene or rubber, so it won’t degrade in UV sunlight, like other products. It won’t crack or split in harsh weather. Forget the plastic imitations that require screwing into your lead jack, creating more opportunities for water to penetrate. SquirrelGard is durable and your most cost-effective solution. Our products come with a 30-day money guarantee. See our policy for details.

damaged lead jack
Ugly, leaky lead jack gnawed on by squirrels.
headshot of squirrel with head tilted

“Stop squirrels from any further damage.”

squirrelgard installed over lead jack
Lead jack protected with SquirrelGard.

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