About SquirrelGard®

Damaged lead jack flashing over plumbing vent stack.
Lead Jack Flashing with visible squirrel damage.

SquirrelGard® was invented to fix and/or prevent squirrel damage to existing lead jack flashings.

It is a protective device for a plumbing vent stack with a lead jack flashing. A lead jack flashing is a weatherproofing cover formed substantially of a lead material permanently secured over the plumbing vent stack.

SquirrelGard completely covers the exposed surface of the lead jack flashing to prevent chewing, teeth sharpening/filing, and damage to the waterproofing qualities of the lead jack by squirrels.

Fast and Easy Installation

SquirrelGard Quick Install Video Demo

squirrelgard installed over lead jack
SquirrelGard protected Lead Jack Flashing

With SquirrelGard, shingle replacement is not required. You can install it directly over damaged lead jacks for a complete repair.

SquirrelGard is super easy to install. All you need is a hammer, caulk, and spray paint to match your roof. The whole process takes just minutes and can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

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