Squirrels always need things to file down their teeth. Don’t let them use your lead pipe jacks!

Nutter says, “Chew on this!”

Squirrels’ teeth grow six inches a year and never stop growing! Because of this, squirrels need to constantly chew or gnaw on things to file down their teeth. The soft metal of the lead pipe jack flashings on your roof is the perfect filing tool.

Unfortunately, squirrels like Nutter don’t really consider the fact that their gnawing on your lead jacks will damage the metal and cause rainwater to leak down the pipe vents and into the walls of your home causing mold and mildew!

Protect your home from water damage by installing SquirrelGard™ rather than just replacing your lead jack, which Nutter and his friends will go after again as soon as you install it!

If you want to help out Nutter and his friends with their filing problem, you can throw out wooden chew blocks (available in most pet stores for hamsters and other rodents) in your back yard. Then install SquirrelGard™ over your lead pipe jacks so they won’t damage them the next time they try to file down their teeth!

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