SquirrelGard™ to the rescue.

Leaking Auto-Caulk Flashing

A DFW Roofer was recently called out for a leaking roof and discovered the auto-caulk (rubber) pipe flashings were all damaged, deteriorated, cracked and rain water was leaking around the plumbing vent stacks that penetrate through the roof.  The roofing contractor very dutifully replaced the rubber auto-caulk flashings.  Problem solved?

Within the week the roofer was called back as the same leaks were back.  Upon investigation, it was evident that squirrels or other critters had ripped the rubber flashings apart in order to gain access to the attic.

The roofing contractor then replaced the vent stack flashings with lead pipe flashings.  And, to assure the lead jacks are well guarded from the gnawing, ever-growing teeth of the industrious pesky squirrels, SquirrelGard™ was installed to guard and protect the lead pipe flashings on every vent stack.

With premium lead pipe flashings to protect the home from water damage and SquirrelGard™ to protect and guard the lead flashings from the Squirrels, the problem is solved.

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