SquirrelGard – A More Permanent Roofing Solution

In a recent article of a local newspaper, a Texas homeowner asked for solutions to the problems of squirrels eating their lead pipe jacks. Though the Home Handyman had some good insights, we felt that the solutions he offered weren’t the best out there. His suggestions were helpful, but also only offered temporary fixes and still involved replacing the lead jacks.

If you’re like most people, having to get up on top of your roof several times a year to make sure you are protected from squirrels damaging your lead jacks is a little more maintenance than you would like.

A more permanent solution is installing SquirrelGard over your existing lead jack flashings. Not only can you put SquirrelGard  on top of damaged lead pipe jacks, you also get a permanent solution to your squirrel damage problem without having to replace the shingles around the pipe jacks.

So instead of spending your time trying to climb up onto your roof to do maintenance, install SquirrelGard and use that extra time to do something you really enjoy!

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