Help Beautify your Home with SquirrelGard

One of the many necessities of homeownership is restoring and maintaining your home after storm damage has occurred. Whether it is something that you pay for out of pocket or through an insurance claim, it is smart to get the best protection possible so you don’t have to repeatedly deal with fixing damage.


One of the best ways to protect your roof is to use lead jack flashings for your plumbing vents. And the best way to protect those lead jacks is by covering them with SquirrelGard™.

Don’t let your roof turn out like this! Use SquirrelGard!


By using SquirrelGard, you are saving yourself both money and time! Without SquirrelGard,  you would have to repeatedly replace your squirrel eaten lead jacks as well as the shingles around them. Patched shingles does not a pretty roof make.


Have the prettiest roof on the block by protecting your home with SquirrelGard™!

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